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Can't make it Sunday morning? Was a sermon so good, that listening to it once just wasn't enough? Check out our sermon recordings below!
The links below take you to the sermon within the YouTube video that was streamed on Sunday.

2023-06-04 Dave Morgan, How Our Mind Works, Rom 8:5-6, bulletin

2023-05-28 Thom Christian, Putting God First, Matt 6:33, bulletin

2023-05-21 Dave Morgan, The Gospel of Jesus, Matt 6:31-33, bulletin


2023-05-14 Thom Christian, The Hands That Shape the World, various scriptures, bulletin

2023-05-07 Thom Christian, The Secret of Growth, Col 2:1-8, bulletin

2023-04-30 Dave Morgan, God of Grace, John 21:15-17, bulletin

     (NOTE: Today's video is compromised, but audio is good).

2023-04-23 Dave Morgan, Love of A Different Kind, 1 Cor 13:1-7, bulletin

2023-04-16 Dave Morgan, Passing the Baton, Deut 6:1-9, bulletin

2023-04-09 Thom Christian, Welcome Home, All is Forgiven, John 20, 1 Pet 1:3, bulletin

2023-04-02 Thom Christian, As A Matter of Fact!, Luke 24:1-12, bulletin


2023-03-26 Thom Christian, Personal Passion, 1 Thes 2:6-12, bulletin

2023-03-19 Dave Morgan, Dealing With Our Fears, 2 Cor. 4:7-9, bulletin

2023-03-12 Dave Morgan, Dealing with Our Anxiety, Phil 4:6-7, 1:12-18, bulletin

2023-03-05 Thom Christian, Stay the Course, I Thes 2:1-6, bulletin

2023-02-26 Thom Christian, Aggressive Authenticity, bulletin

2023-02-19 Rufus Jones, A Life Unimagined, bulletin

2023-02-12 Thom Christian, The Breath of Life, 1 Thes 1:1-3, bulletin

2023-02-05 Dave Morgan, Why Are We So Angry? Jam 1:19-20, Pro 15:1, Eph 4:26, bulletin

2023-01-29 Thom Christian, Stand Convicted, Psalm 37, bulletin


2023-01-22 Dave Morgan, Resolutions and Self-Control, James 4:1-3, bulletin

2023-01-15 Thom Christian, Accomplishing Accomplishments, Acts 16:11-15, bulletin

2023-01-08 Thom Christian, All In The Family, Philippians 4:1-5, bulletin

2023-01-01 Dave Morgan, A New Year's Resolution, James 1:19-20, bulletin

2022-12-25 Thom Christian, The Perfect Christmas Gift, John 1:29,  bulletin


2022-12-24 Dave Morgan, Christmas Eve Message (be sure to watch the whole service of music), bulletin

2022-12-18 Thom Christian, Shepherd Stories! Luke 2:8-20, bulletin

2022-12-11 Thom Christian, No IF's, No AND's and No BUT's, Isaiah 7:14; Mt 1:20-23, bulletin

2202-12-04 Dave Morgan, Peace In Troubled Times, Isaiah 9:6, John 14:25-27, bulletin


2022-11-27 Thom Christian, The Characters of Christmas, Mt 2:1-12, Lu 2:1-20, bulletin

2022-11-20 Dave Morgan, A Happy Life, 1 Thes 5:12-18 NLT, bulletin

2022-11-13 Thom Christian, A Satisfied Mind, Phil 4:10-13, bulletin

2022-11-06 Thom Christian, God Mend Thine Every Flaw, Psalm 33 plus, bulletin

2022-10-30 Dave Morgan, Words Matter, James 3:1-12, bulletin, November calendar


2022-10-23 Dave Morgan, Distorted Mirrors, James 1:22-25, bulletin

2022-10-16 Thom Christian, Who Are You? Ephesians 1:3-14, bulletin


2022-10-09 Dave Morgan, Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, James 1:9-11, bulletin

2022-10-02 Thom Christian, God Is Calling You and Me! Ephesians 1:1-2, bulletin, October calendar


2022-09-25 Thom Christian, Pioneers, and a Call to Freedom, Hebrews 2:10; 12:2; Romans 8:1-2; John 8:36, bulletin

2022-09-18 Thom Christian, Replacing Rules with Relationship, Mark 10:17, bulletin

                     (Mike Lymburner delivered the sermon)

2022-09-11 Dave Morgan, Decision! Decisions! James 1:2-6, bulletin

                     (Mike Lymburner delivered the sermon)

2022-09-04 Dave Morgan, The Thing About Faith, James 1:1-4; Hebrews 11:1,6, bulletin

2022-08-28 Dave Morgan, It Takes Courage, 2 Tim 1:6-7, bulletin

2022-08-21 Thom Christian, One-Winged Angels, I Cor 12:12-27,Gen 2:24-25, bulletin

2022-08-14 Dave Morgan, Good Grief, Romans 12:12-18, bulletin

2022-08-07 Thom Christian, Who Will Be My Hand? Isaiah 58, bulletin


2022-07-31 Dave Morgan, Friends, Mark 2:1-12, bulletin

2022-07-24  Dave Morgan, Why Are We Here? Luke 4:14-22, bulletin


2022-07-17 Thom Christian, You're Cleared for Take-off, John 6:35-40 and more, bulletin

2202-07-10 Thom Christian, Check Your Appetite, Lu 19:1-10, bulletin

2202-07-03 Thom Christian, The Compass and the Square, Gen 1&2, James 1:19-27, bulletin

2202-06-26 Thom Christian, Free to Fly, Mt 21:18-22, bulletin

                     (Mike Lymburner delivered the sermon)

2202-06-19 Thom Christian, How to Handle a Hungry Man, Mt 5, bulletin


2202-06-12 Pastor Dave Morgan, Time and Eternity, Eccl 3 and John 14, bulletin

2022-06-05 Pastor Dave Morgan, Who Is the Holy Spirit? Acts 1:4-8; 2:1-4, bulletin

2022-05-29 Thom Christian, Saving Private Ryan, You, and Me, Eph 2:8-10, bulletin

2022-05-22 Dave Morgan, It's An Upside Down World, Luke 18:9-14, bulletin

2022-05-15 Thom Christian, Upside Down and Working Backwards, Mt 5:1-16, bulletin

2022-05-08 Sue Christian, The Beauty of a Woman, 1 Thes 2:7-8, bulletin

2022-05-01 Dave Morgan, My Story, Luke 15:25-32, bulletin

2022-04-24 Teen Challenge,

                     Thom Christian, Easter 2, bulletin

2022-04-17 Dave Morgan, Set Free! Mt 28:1-10. bulletin


2022-04-15 Good Friday Concert


2022-04-10 Thom Christian, Don't Pass Over Passover, Mt 21, Lk 19:29-44, Jn 12:1, Ex 12, Rev 5:1-10, bulletin


2022-04-03 Dave Morgan, Life In the Kingdom of God, 2 Corinthians 8:9; 9:8; Matthew 6:19-21, 24, bulletin link

2022-03-27 Dave Morgan, Life in the Kingdom of Earth, bulletin link

2022-03-20 Thom Christian, Jesus' Yoke, Mt. 11:28-30, bulletin link

2022-03-13 Dave Morgan, The Discipline of a Spiritual Life, Col 3:1-2, Rom 12:1-2a, bulletin link

2022-03-06 Thom Christian, A Misguided Mission, Acts 1:1-9, bulletin link

2022-02-27 Dave Morgan, It's About Our Heart, Mathew 5:1-10, bulletin link

2022-02-20 Dave Morgan, A One-Eyed Church, 1 Corinthians 12:14-27, bulletin link

2022-02-13 Thom Christian, A Life Worth Living, Acts 7:54-60, bulletin link w sermon outline

2022-02-06 Thom Christian, Blueprint for the Church, Acts 2:42-47, bulletin link w sermon outline

2022-01-30 Dave Morgan, A Dynamic Church, I Thessalonians 1:4-8a, bulletin link w sermon outline

2022-01-23 Dave Morgan , FCC of Thessalonica, I Thessalonians 1:1-3, bulletin link w sermon outline

2022-01-16 Thom Christian 

2022-01-09 Thom Christian

2022-01-02 Dave Morgan

2021-12-26 Thom Christian

2021-12-24 Christmas Eve: Thom Christian

2021-12-19 Thom Christian

2021-12-12 Dave Morgan

2021-12-05 Thom Christian

2021-11-28 Dave Morgan

2021-11-21 Thom Christian

2021-11-14 Dave Morgan

2021-11-07 Dave Morgan

2021-10-31 Thom Christian

The links below are audio only for the dates shown. They may also be found on YouTube in video format.

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